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Getting started is not difficultIt all begins with a consultation during which time our system consultant will discuss with you your assistive listening needs and conduct a field test of your environmentWhether you are seeking a new system or an assessment of an existing one our certified staff can help. We strive to improve the experience of people living with hearing loss by helping you to deliver the optimal listening experience in your organization.


Hearing loss is the third most prevalent chronic health condition facing older American adults. Many people living with hearing loss find their communication needs unaddressed or ignored and experience frustration, uncertainty, and stress in everyday life as they struggle to hear. New England Hearing Loop systems are the solutions for assistive listening, providing access to high quality intelligible sound for people living with hearing loss.

What We Provide

A New Hearing Loop System

We have over 6 years’ experience designing, installing and maintaining hearing loop systems throughout New England. Whatever your environment we will work with you to determine the viability of a hearing loop in your space. Our certified staff conduct expert site surveys where we execute comprehensive testing to determine electromagnetic background noise and if any metal was used in the buildings construction. Based on the results of the test and the information we gather we develop a complete solution that best meets your needs. 

An Existing Hearing Loop System

Do you need your existing hearing loop system checked? Since a hearing loop is designed to be both invisible and inaudible to anyone without a telecoil activated hearing aid or a cochlear implant, system failures can easily go unnoticedWill you know if your system has failed? Not unless a user of the system notifies you and at that point it’s too late for them to use it. Whether the system was installed by us or someone else we are happy to test your loop. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our continued loop care testing and calibration plans.

15 minutes a day of exposure to a noisy subway can cause hearing damage.

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