Hearing Loop Benefits

The benefits of a hearing loop system are many. Below are our top 11:

  • Enhanced Experience – improved listening clarity for those with hearing aids and cochlear implants.
  • Direct & Personal – brings sound directly to your ear with little background noise.
  • Inclusive – you immediately become part of the event.
  • Discrete – no need to wear a sundry device such as headphones.
  • Eliminates Daily Care – venues that install loop systems do not have to purchase or maintain/sanitize/repair headphones.
  • Limitless – everyone in the room with a t-coil can use the system.
  • User Friendly – simply turn on your t-coil equipped hearing aid.
  • Universal – the international standard for world wide access.
  • Increased Patronage – people who live with hearing loss are more likely to patronize a place that has a hearing loop.
  • Great ROI – the venue is not required to purchase, maintain, or replace portable receiving units as listeners use their own hearing aids. The improved clarity and understanding benefits both individuals and businesses alike.
  • ADA Compliant – hearing loops are hearing aid compatible, and conform to ADA requirements for hearing disabilities.
Men are more likely than women to report having hearing loss.

To discuss your assistive
listening device solutions.

To discuss your assistive
listening device solutions.

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