Life’s Smallest Moments Captured Again – National Assisted Living Week

This week marks National Assisted Living Week and this year’s theme is “Capture the Moment”.  What better way to capture life and its smallest moments than with the intimacy of a hearing loop table. In life and as we age, there is nothing so isolating as not being able to hear a conversation. The hearing loop table allows seniors living with hearing loss to connect, engage and communicate easily with those at the table. Using their T-coil or cochlear implant they simply sit at the table and “they are in the loop”. One can enjoy dinner, bridge, and a game of cards or even a hot cup of tea with family and friends. A looped table can also be used to conduct personal private business.  Many who struggle to hear won’t admit they can’t hear or missed what was just said. They remain silent. The result is they back away from life losing their connections with the world and those around them.  A looped table makes a conversation natural, easy and very enjoyable for those who hear and those who struggle with hearing loss.

So what is a hearing loop table?

It is a modern, sleek looking piece of furniture with a beautiful mahogany finish that can be used in both professional and casual settings. This unique product houses a Contacta HLD5 hearing loop driver, digital mixer, and four hearing loop modules underneath the surface of the table providing a complete hearing loop system. The table features either two or four flush mounted microphones built into the surface to pick up the clearest audio possible. With no installation needed, this hearing loop is truly plug and play and easily movable from room to room. One can even cover the microphones with a table cloth for more elegant dining.

We’ve experienced firsthand the joy and pleasure on faces of those sitting at a looped table when they realize they are part of the conversation and living in the moment. They have captured life again.


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