New England Hearing Loop Commemorates World Hearing Day March 3rd

March 3, 2018. Each year the World Health Organization (WHO), dedicates a day to hearing loss. This year’s theme is “Hear the Future” drawing attention towards the anticipated rise in the number of people living with hearing loss. Hearing loss isn’t always preventable, but with small changes in your habits and increased awareness on your part you can protect your hearing.

  • Avoid loud sounds
    Limit your exposure to prolonged loud sounds. Noise-induced hearing loss is a result of the loudness of sounds and how long you hear them.
  • Protect your ears from loud sounds
    Wear hearing protection. If you know you are going to be around loud noise cover up! Use your earplugs or earmuffs to protect yourself.
  • Seek treatment if you have ear pain or other signs of infection
    Early diagnosis and treatment is key. Continual ear infections can cause permanent hearing loss. You should also see your doctor if you experience fullness, ringing in your ears or any sudden change in your hearing.
  • Ask your doctor if the medicines you are taking might affect your hearing
    Be vigilant, know what the risks are involved when taking medications. Know all your options, ask if alternatives are available.
  • Check your hearing regularly
    Be proactive, see your doctor to get a baseline hearing test. The sooner hearing loss is detected the sooner something can be done about it. Follow through with your doctor’s recommendations for regular hearing tests.
  • Turn down the volume
    Never listen to music through headphones or ear buds with the volume turned all the way up. Use noise-cancelling headphones/earphones and only turn the volume up just enough to hear your music comfortably.
  • Don’t Smoke
    Research shows that the use of tobacco can cause hearing loss.

So, as we recognize hearing loss day today, Hear Your Future, protect your hearing and change your habits.



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